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New Course Series: JEMS CEUs

JEMS CEUs: Facial Weakness, Palsy, and Stroke
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In the fast-paced world of emergency medical services (EMS), staying up to date with the latest advancements, protocols, and best practices is not just crucial—it’s a professional requirement. EMS professionals are dedicated to saving lives, and ensuring they have the most current knowledge is vital. However, with busy schedules and demanding work hours, finding time for recertification can be challenging. That’s where innovative solutions like JEMS CEUs come into play. 


Did You Know? 

You can earn continuing education units or continuing medical units (CEU) on CAPCE-approved article(s) of 10,000 words in length on a particular topic. 

Introducing: JEMS CEUs 

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) has partnered with The JEMS Academy to bring readers those CEU credits they deserve. JEMS CEUs offer an affordable and convenient way to earn credits for CAPCE-approved articles published by JEMS. 

Our very first JEMS CEUs is worth 1 Medical Unit: Facial Weakness, Palsy, and Stroke, including the following articles: 

???? Differentiating Facial Weakness Caused by Bell’s Palsy vs. Acute Stroke, By: Michael T. Mullen, MD and Caitlin Loomis, MD

???? Identifying Diseases that Mimic Strokes, By: Richard A. Walker, MD, FACEP, FAAEM 

???? Weakness Unchecked: A Case of Severe Muscle Weakness, By: Joshua Nackenson, MD, NRP and Jonathan Brewer, MD

???? Nashville EMS Crew Alertly Activates Stroke System, By: Jimmy Closser, BSN, RN, CEN, AEMT 

???? EMS Industry Leader’s Story: Surviving Two Vertebral Artery Dissections, By: Anne Mullally 

???? A Paradigm Shift in EMS Evaluation of Stroke, By: Coty Aiken, Lee Gillum, MPH, LP, EMS-CC, Jordan Anderson, Robert L. Dickson, Kevin Crocker, and Guy R. Gleisberg, MBA, BSEE, NREMT-B, EMS-I 

???? Stroke Triage: EMS Needs a Diagnostic Tool That Goes Beyond a Simple History & Physical Exam, By: Mark E.A. Escott, MD, MPH, FACEP 

???? Three Things All EMS Providers Can Do to Assist in the Timely and Accurate Administration of IV tPA in Cases of Acute Ischemic Stroke, By: Hunter R. Harbold LP, MPA, FP-C

What Are Our Members Saying? 

“The information was great and easy to read!

“A very detailed approach that then summarized the most important field procedures.”

“The information provided was valuable as well as the current trends in the treatment of such medical emergencies.”

Up-to-date material with various examples to reinforce the topic.”

“All the information was good. Case studies were the most beneficial.


How Do I Earn My Credit? 

  1. Sign up for The JEMS Academy 
  2. Take the “JEMS CEUs: Facial Weakness, Palsy, and Stroke” Course 
  3. Pass the final exam 


JEMS CEUs - Stroke
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But.. Do You Need More CEUs? 

The JEMS Academy offers a robust library of courses (with many more in development) where you can earn CEUs in all National Registry categories, as well as additional content. Browse all of our courses in our course catalog. With a full membership, you will have access to JEMS CEUs plus all of our other EMS content. 

Advantages of Learning with The JEMS Academy: 

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