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Remle Crowe

Research Scientist and Quality Improvement Manager
Remle Crowe, Ph.D., NREMT, serves as the Research Scientist and Quality Improvement Manager for ESO. Prior to joining ESO, she was a research fellow at the National Registry of EMTs, where she performed investigations related to the health and safety of the EMS workforce while pursuing her Ph.D. in Public Health from The Ohio State University. Dr. Crowe has published several research studies relating to the EMS workforce; her primary research area pf interest is burnout among EMS professionals.
COURSES BY Remle Crowe

Managing EMS Burnout

Burnout among EMS professionals has negative effects for agencies, providers, and patients. Nevertheless, traditional interventions for reducing burnout are often focused on the individual and fail to address the true systematic causes. In this course, Dr. Remle Crowe will discuss the latest research and present organizational-level strategies to reduce and prevent burnout at your EMS agency.

Course Type: Full-length Course

Course Duration: 60 min