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Ron Thackery

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Ron Thackery, Senior Vice President, Professional Services, responsibility for safety, risk management, procurement and controlled substances administration. Previously, he was responsible for the integration of acquired companies into the organization, fleet administration, Paramedic Schools and he continues to lead the Logistics team for FEMA deployments. During his 21 years at AMR he has led many teams of caregivers and leaders in the development of innovative programs in EMS. Mr. Thackery received the Distinguished Service to Safety award from the National Safety Council in 2007 the highest individual award bestowed by the Council. HE recently received the Walter J. Schaeffer award for excellence from the American Ambulance Association. He served on the Board of Directors for the National Safety Council and chairs the Professional Standards and Research Committee of the American Ambulance Association. Prior to his service at AMR, he was Senior Counsel to Federal Express. Mr. Thackery holds a BA in humanities from Christian Brothers University and a JD from the University of Memphis.
COURSES BY Ron Thackery

Back Safety in EMS

?Lifting patients onto stretchers for transport is a common occurrence in EMS. Unfortunately, lifts performed improperly can lead to EMS providers getting hurt. In this course, we'll discuss the potential hazards from finding patients in hard to reach locations and the need for utilizing proper lifting techniques to prevent injury.

Course Type: Full-length Course

Course Duration: 60 min